One app developed for your cleaning business

With the PlanD app, your employees always have all the information they need in their pocket. From time recording to the entire shift planning and documentation - everyone knows what's going on at all times and everywhere.
Die App fĂŒr GebĂ€udereiniger mit Zeiterfassung und Einsatzplanung
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The entire communication in
one app

Connect your office with the cleaning staff and bring all employees in your company together in one place.
Employees head office

Your employees' personal assistant

Our app for cleaning businesses serves as a mobile employee centre: it provides access to employment contracts, remaining leave days, current duty rosters, approved hours for the month and an employee chat. All this in one app, compatible with iOS and Android on over 10,000 devices.
All information always at hand
Upload documents from anywhere
View all relevant contracts
Zeiterfassung mit der PlanD Mitarbeiter App
Mobiler Dienstplan fĂŒr GebĂ€udereiniger
Job schedule

All operations and changes always in view

With the PlanD app, you and your cleaning team are always up to date. Your employees have access to the latest schedule no matter where they are and are kept up to date with real-time push notifications about new assignments in the event of changes, so they always have all the information they need.
Available in real time
View all job-specific information
Push-notifications in the event of changes
Digital time tracking

Record working hours digitally instead of on paper

With the PlanD app, your employees can record working times directly on site and in real time, including breaks and travelling times, which are added automatically or manually. Once the work has been completed, our software compares the recorded times with the duty roster and immediately reports any discrepancies to avoid discrepancies when approving times.
Document breaks & journey times
GPS location synchronisation
Digital time sheets
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Over 200 satisfied cleaning businesses

from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland already rely on our innovative software solution.
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Dokumentation von Leistungen fĂŒr GebĂ€udereiniger

Paperless documentation from anywhere

After completing a job, your employees can immediately upload performance records via the PlanD app. Photos, comments and digital signatures can be captured directly on site and stored directly in the system so that they can be accessed at any time for transparent documentation.
Add comments
Upload photos and documents
Digital work slips

Have work slips digitally signed directly on site

Revolutionise your acceptance process. Once an order has been completed, your employees can obtain the customer's signature directly on site via the app. The digitally signed work slip is immediately transferred to invoicing, enabling fast and seamless invoicing and eliminating any delay between order completion and invoice dispatch.
All work slips always with you
Sign digitally on site
Arbeitsscheine in unserer Software fĂŒr GebĂ€udereinigung
Mitarbeiter Chat fĂŒr GebĂ€udereiniger
Employee chat

Connect everyone in your team with each other

The PlanD app simplifies communication by bundling various channels such as WhatsApp, telephone, email and SMS into a single platform. This makes collaboration between cleaning staff, property management and the office much easier. Thanks to PlanD Chat, communication is easier and more direct than ever before.
Individual & group chats
Chats in 16+ languages
Absence reports

Send sick notes and holiday requests digitally

In the PlanD app, your employees can view their available leave days at a glance. Leave requests and sick notes can be submitted directly via the app, and relevant documents can also be attached. Authorisation by superiors is done with just one click, which increases efficiency.
Create absence reports
Add photos and documents
View vacation days
Abwesenheiten in unserer Software fĂŒr GebĂ€udereinigung

Further functions of our cleaning business cleaner app

An app by cleaners for cleaners
Offline available
Our PlanD app can also be used offline, so you can access important information anytime and anywhere.
16+ languages
The PlanD app offers support in over 16 languages, making it ideal for international teams and multilingual employees.
Push notifications
With push notifications from the PlanD app, you receive important updates immediately and are always kept up to date.
Intuitive use
The PlanD app is characterised by its user-friendly, intuitive operation, which makes work efficient and simple.
Supported on 10,000+ devices
The PlanD app is compatible with over 10,000 device types, ensuring maximum flexibility and accessibility.
GDPR compliant
PlanD ensures compliance with the GDPR by guaranteeing the data protection and security of your sensitive company and employee data.

One app, three users

The app for maintenance cleaners
A recurring maintenance cleaning only needs to be created once in PlanD and then continues automatically. In the PlanD app, your maintenance cleaners can always see immediately which team they are working with.
The app for one-off cleaners
In the event of spontaneous one-off jobs, the responsible cleaner is immediately informed of the new assignment by push message. Breaks and travelling times are automatically taken into account and digital work slips are signed by the customer directly on site.
The app for object managers
Access complaints, service specifications and quality checks for all properties anytime and anywhere. No more flicking through paper files or waiting to return to the office to view important documents. The digital property folder makes it possible.
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