Shift planning

Shift planning for your cleaning business

Whether it's regular maintenance cleaning or a one-off job. Keep track of all assignments and absences at all times, while employees always have the current schedule on their smartphone.
Objektleiter bei der Personalplanung
200+ cleaning businesses already rely on our innovative shift planning.

From scheduling to finding a replacement in just a few clicks

Always have the right employees in the right place at the right time without administrative effort. Despite spontaneous jobs or cancellations - PlanD is simple and intuitive.
Einsatzplaner für die Personalplanung für Personal in der Gebäudereinigung

Create the perfect job schedule every day

Plan your employees
Schedule employees for their assignments in the digital shift planner. Whether it's a one-off special job or recurring maintenance cleaning.
Utilizing skills and availability
Find the ideal cleaner for every job. Filter employees according to qualifications and capacities and optimize your employee scheduling.
Comply with legal requirements
Get automatically informed in the event of violations of legal or collectively agreed personnel planning requirements.

Inform employees automatically about their job schedule

Mobile job schedule
Employees automatically have an overview of all upcoming and past jobs in the current, mobile job schedule.
View all relevant information
Name, address, time? The mobile job schedule contains all relevant information and can be viewed anywhere and at any time.
Push notifications in the event of changes
Employees are automatically informed of new assignments or changes to the job schedule via push notifications on their smartphone.
Mobile App für Gebäudereiniger die den aktuellen Dienstplan des Mitarbeiters anzeigt.Mobile App für Gebäudereiniger in der alle einsatzrelevanten 
Informationen angezeigt werden.
Abwesenheitskalender für Gebäudereiniger der alle offenen und genehmigten Abwesenheiten anzeigt

Reschedule absences easily

Absence calendar
Keep track of all upcoming and past absences and plan your employees' holiday requests in the overview.
Absence notifications via app
Employees can easily create sickness and holiday requests via the PlanD app and can store sick notes and documents immediately.
Substitute planning
Always find the ideal replacement based on capacity and qualifications and automatically inform customers about the replacement by e-mail.

We help cleaning businesses to optimise their employee scheduling

Our software relieves you and your team of all daily tasks so that you can concentrate more on your customers and the growth of your commercial cleaning business.

How Volk & Volk achieved revenue growth of 20 % in 1.5 years.

"Thanks to PlanD, we have much, much better productivity when organising substitutions. If an employee is absent, I can see at a glance the orders that need to be covered and can reschedule employees based on their skills. That's a huge added value."
Benjamin Volk
Owner & Managing Director
16+ Languages
The PlanD app is available in over 16 languages and automatically adapts to the language of the smartphone.
Offline available
No reception? No problem! Your employees can use the PlanD app offline to its full extent.
100% GDPR-compliant
We adhere to all guidelines to guarantee you GDPR-compliant use.
Intuitive use
Our software impresses with a simple interface that enables intuitive use.
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The all-in-one software for cleaning businesses

PlanD is the digital control centre for your cleaning business.
Mobile scheduling, digital time recording and transparent payroll accounting in just one system.

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