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for your cleaning business

Create professional quotes, write invoices automatically and always keep track of all your finances.
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200+ cleaning businesses already rely on our innovative all-in-one solution.

Simplify your invoicing process

From the written quotation to the signed work slip to the
issued invoice
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Create professional quotations

Individualise your quotations
Simply create quotes in just a few minutes. Customisable to suit your cleaning business and your services.
Send and confirm quotations
Send offers to customers immediately by e-mail and have them confirm them with a click. This turns a quote into an order in just a few clicks.
Add products and services
Enter products and services and add them to your offers. PlanD automatically calculates the prices.

Write and send invoices automatically

Create recurring invoices
Write invoices for one-off or recurring jobs. Once a job has been completed, PlanD automatically creates the invoice.
Send invoices automatically
Send the invoices automatically to the customer by e-mail, download them as a PDF or simply print them out with one click.
Cancellation invoices and credit notes
Has something gone wrong with the job and the invoice is already out? No problem. With PlanD, you can easily create cancellation invoices or credit notes for the customer.
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Gain full transparency over your finances

Keep an eye on unpaid invoices
Always keep track of all outstanding invoices. Always see which invoices have already been paid and which are still open.
View daily turnover
Get an overview of how much turnover your commercial cleaning service generates every day. With PlanD, you always have an overview of all your finances.
Check the profitability of your orders
How profitable are my orders? Check exactly how much you earn with your orders and how high your expenses are.

Further functions for quotation & invoicing

Writing quotes and invoices has never been so easy.
Work slips
Create work slips, have them digitally signed on the go and easily convert them into an invoice.
Partial and interim invoices
Create as many instalment and partial invoices as you like and combine them in a final invoice.
Standing invoices
Always the same invoice amount? Easily create recurring invoices and save yourself the administrative effort.
Store your individual payment reminders and dunning levels and issue them for overdue invoices.
Own stationery
Creatively design your corporate identity and your documents to give them a unique business look.
Invoice & service recipient
Manage your invoice recipients individually and add additional service recipients if required.
Postal dispatch
Send created documents such as quotations or invoices automatically by post to your prospects and customers.
Create e-invoices in the ZUGFeRD and X-invoice standards.
Bank connection
Connect your bank account via our PSD2-compliant connection and automatically mark your invoices as paid.
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