Time tracking

Advanced time tracking for innovative cleaning businesses

Simply record your employees' working times digitally via the app and automatically check the accuracy of recorded times.
Mobiler Zeiterfassung per AppReinigungskraft mit mobiler App für Zeiterfassung
200+ cleaning businesses already rely on our digital time tracking system.

From time tracking to payroll accounting

PlanD combines everything in one system in one place. Fast, simple and digital. That's how time tracking works today.
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Record working hours digitally instead of on paper

Mobile recording of working hours
Your employees record working hours directly on the premises via the PlanD app - visible to everyone in real time. No matter where you are.
Document breaks & travelling times
Register breaks and travelling times for your employees' assignments. These are taken into account automatically or manually during time tracking.
Forgotten to clock out? Simply add it!
With our digital timesheet, your employees can keep track of the hours they have worked at all times and can easily add any forgotten clockings.

Check recorded working hours automatically

GPS location detection
Location-based time recording ensures that your employees are always at the right location and that working times are recorded correctly.
Automatic target/actual comparison
Times are automatically synchronised with the schedule and checked for errors. Ensuring that every employee receives the pay they are entitled to at the end of the month.
Document services digitally
Upload performance records via the PlanD app. Photos, comments and signatures can be digitally documented on site and viewed at any time.
Übersicht der fehlerhaften Zeitstempel
Monatsübersicht der Lohnabrechnung

Process working hours automatically

Define surcharges and wage types
Night, public holiday or hazard bonuses as well as different wage types can be freely defined and automatically calculated for payroll accounting.
Avoid discrepancies in wages
Thanks to the digital timesheet in the app, discrepancies are recognised at an early stage and not just during invoicing, in order to be clarified in time.
Easily export wage data
Export recorded working hours automatically for your payroll office or payroll programme. As a DATEV, CSV file, customised export or direct API interface.

We help cleaning bsuinesses to work more purposefully.

Our software relieves you and your team of all daily tasks so that you can concentrate more on your customers and the growth of your commercial cleaning business.

How the Goldener Elch abolished timesheets for 150+ employees.

"Thanks to the playful and clear app application and the digital timesheets, my employees have full transparency at all times and always have an overview of their working hours."
Alexander Schleiss
Operations Manager
16+ languages
The PlanD app is available in over 16 languages and automatically adapts to the language of the smartphone.
Offline available
No reception? No problem! Your employees can use the PlanD app offline to its full extent.
100% GDPR-compliant
We adhere to all guidelines to guarantee you GDPR-compliant use.
Intuitive use
Our software impresses with a simple interface that enables intuitive use.
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