15 reasons why commercial cleaners love PlanD

From the cleaning personnel to the management. PlanD supports employees in their day-to-day tasks and thus creates time for the essentials.

More customers. Less stress.

PlanD puts your company on autopilot. Our software relieves you and your team of all your daily tasks so that you can concentrate more on your customers and the growth of your commercial cleaning business.
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No more paper chaos. Hello digital overview

With PlanD, all staff planning is digitalised in just one place and you have an overview of the availability and working times of all employees at all times. The current duty rota is automatically visible to all cleaning staff on your PlanD app.

Do I still have holidays?

With PlanD, your employees can see this at a glance. Illnesses and holidays can be submitted directly via the PlanD app and approved by the line manager.

Time is money. Digital timesheets save time

Having to laboriously type up and check timesheets is now a thing of the past. Digital timesheets save time and avoid errors when typing or transferring data. Immediately ready for payroll accounting.

Relieve your object managers

Access complaints, service specifications and quality checks anytime and anywhere. No more flicking through paper files or waiting to return to the office to view important documents. The digital property folder makes it possible.

Motivated employees, satisfied customers

Better internal communication means closer co-operation. Closer co-operation means more motivated cleaning staff. Motivated cleaning staff means happy customers.

WhatsApp is a thing of the past. From now on, everything in one app.

WhatsApp, phone, email, text message? What is the best way to reach whom? The PlanD app bundles all communication channels and facilitates communication and collaboration.

Click, click, click - everything ordered

No toilet paper on site again? With the PlanD app, your cleaning staff can request materials in just a few clicks, so you no longer have to ask the site manager.

The software that always shows you the next step.

Which orders are actually profitable? Are all the services provided by my employees being fulfilled? PlanD answers all these questions so that you can make the best possible decisions for your commercial cleaning.

Connect your cleaning staff with the office

With PlanD, communication between cleaning staff, property management and the office has never been easier. Whether current duty rosters, sick notes or missing documents; all communication via just one app.
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Tasks. Simply. Distributed.

With PlanD, you can easily assign tasks to the right employee at all times. It makes it easier for your office to manage and organise all pending tasks and you always have control over what has already been completed.
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Happy Birthday

Your team thrives on good teamwork. That's why we encourage it with small gestures. PlanD always reminds your property managers, for example, when one of your employees has a birthday or celebrates a company anniversary.

Time sheets. Digital. Transparent.  

Thanks to digital timesheets, your cleaning staff always have an overview of their hours worked and working times. Prevent discrepancies in the payment of your employees and increase employee satisfaction.
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Everything that is important to you. Anytime and anywhere

One system. All information. Maintain an overview of your employees' performance and your day-to-day operations at all times and everywhere. With PlanD you have everything under control.
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Step 1: Open the app
Step 2: Get started

Complicated operating instructions? Not a chance. You don't need lengthy training or extensive instructions to use PlanD. Our software is simple and intuitive for everyone to use.
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Discover a variety of other functions

Find out more about all the features of PlanD and how they help you and your employees to achieve the best performance in your daily work.

Send Offers

Create quotations and send them digitally to your customers. Accepted offers are billed automatically.

16+ Languages

The PlanD app is available in over 16 languages. The entire app is automatically translated.

Work Certificates

Store work certificates behind assignments and have them signed by your customers.
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