How ATES Gebäudedienste uses PlanD to send quotes much faster.

"Offers at PlanD are really fun. And the customers like it too."

Abdullah Ates

Owner & Managing Director


Abdullah Ates founded ATES Building Services in 2008. "We do traditional building cleaning," the owner says of his company. What started with a small team of 2 or 3 employees has now grown into a business with about 80 staff members. Their range of services includes various cleaning services, such as maintenance cleaning, window cleaning, and deep cleaning. However, the increasing number of customers and orders eventually became a challenge for Abdullah Ates, especially in terms of internal organization and process optimization. Particularly, time tracking, which was always done with paper and pen, eventually became too time-consuming and cumbersome. And even the process of creating quotes and invoices was always manually handled: "We had to rewrite our quotes over and over. We didn't have a template." That's when Abdullah Ates realized that he needed a solution that would digitize and simplify his internal processes. Ideally, a comprehensive solution specifically designed for building cleaners that covers everything from planning and time tracking to invoicing in one software.


To simplify and speed up internal processes, Abdullah Ates came across the all-in-one building cleaner software PlanD in September 2023 and was immediately convinced by its intuitive operation and clear structure. Since its introduction last September and the transition to the full version in January, ATES Building Services has been utilizing all the comprehensive functions of PlanD. Everything from planning, deployment scheduling, to quoting and invoicing is now handled through this software.

At the end of the week, Abdullah Ates can now easily complete the deployment planning for the following week using the digital deployment planner, thus saving significantly more time. His nearly 70 field service cleaners now receive their assignments directly on their mobile phones and always have their deployment plan and timesheet with them on the go. However, the owner is particularly impressed with the quoting and invoicing process: "It's just much faster and you also have better control. You can immediately see which quotes have been accepted, which have been sent out, and which are still open." With PlanD, he can now create quotes digitally in just a few minutes and send them directly by email to clients. Clients can confirm the quote with a single click. "It's a really cool thing. And the customers like it too," Abdullah Ates is satisfied.


Whereas previously quotes had to be rewritten each time, Abdullah Ates and his team can now easily create and send them digitally. "Making quotes with PlanD is really fun," explains Abdullah Ates. Before PlanD, ATES Building Services used multiple software systems. "We had one system just for planning. Another system for invoices." With PlanD, Abdullah Ates now has everything under control in one system. And with the new freedom in creating offers, his company can continue to grow.

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