How Gores Facility Services saves time every day when planning operations.

"These 4 tools - time recording, resource planning, complaints and quality management as well as internal communication with the PlanD chat function in one place - that simply won me over."

Henry Briton

Managing Director


‍For Henry Briton and Gores Facility Services, professionalism and diligence are paramount. Founded in 2017 as a GmbH and specializing in janitorial services, maintenance cleaning, and the cleaning of private households, CEO Henry Briton and his team strive to ensure their clients are satisfied. The biggest challenge in their daily routine is the planning process. "You can never plan reliably in this industry. There's always an employee who is ill or private segment clients canceling," explains Henry Briton.

To address this, Henry Briton relied on a software solution early on. "Over time, however, we realized that there were some things missing," says Henry Briton, "The main problem for efficient scheduling was the inability to create recurring orders. We had to schedule each job day by day." Planning recurring orders is essential for the work of Gores Facility Services as it used to take up unnecessary time and effort.


‍For this reason, Henry Briton and Gores Facility Services decided to look for alternative software solutions. "Then we chose the best one out of three offers," says Henry Briton. "The decisive factor with PlanD was the ability to create automatic recurring orders filtered by days, weeks, or months. Many other software solutions do not have this feature, or it is very cumbersome." Henry Briton is also thrilled with the intelligent scheduling and digital time tracking: "We have been using it every day since then and save a significant amount of time."

Additionally, the complaint and quality management has become much easier to handle thanks to PlanD. With PlanD, Henry Briton and his team, as well as their clients, can easily record complaints, assign them, and confirm the complaints after feedback from employees and clients. "These four tools - the time tracking, the scheduling, the complaint and quality management, and the internal communication with the PlanD chat function all in one place - that simply convinced me," says Henry Briton about the reasons why he ultimately chose PlanD.


‍Since Gores Facility Services GmbH started using PlanD, Henry Briton and his employees have saved significant time, stress, and effort. "It makes my work much easier," says Henry Briton, who also mentions the positive feedback from his employees: "My employees also find working with PlanD very good. They appreciate that the app can be used in multiple languages. The app from our previous software solution was only in German, so they always had to use translation apps. In this respect, PlanD is truly invaluable."

With PlanD, Henry Briton can now easily create recurring orders and quickly respond to cancellations using the intelligent scheduler. He can see at a glance all the assignments that need coverage and can reschedule employees based on their qualifications and availability. In the event of a complaint, he and his team are now better equipped to handle it as efficiently as possible. "Complaint management works just fantastically with PlanD," Henry Briton is delighted. Thanks to PlanD, Gores Facility Services GmbH can now guarantee even greater customer satisfaction and is optimally positioned for the path to a digital future.


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