How Landsberg simplifies work with PlanD for its employees.

"We want to make it as easy as possible for people. Everything is already complicated enough. We don't need to make it any more complicated at work than it has to be."

Martin Kruczynski

Managing Director


Landsberg Building Services GmbH has been on the market since 1998. In addition to traditional building cleaning and maintenance cleaning, the service provider offers a wide range of services such as domestic services, window cleaning, gardening and landscaping, playground construction, as well as interior construction and janitorial services. The company currently has over 190 employees and is based in Landsberg. CEO Martin Kruczynski has been with the company since 2011. When he started, Landsberg had fewer than 80 people; now it's nearly 200. But that's not the end: “This year we hired a new sales employee who exclusively handles customer acquisition to push our growth further,” explains Martin Kruczynski. Of the 190 employees, only a handful work in-house; the rest are cleaners, site managers, and part-time workers who are constantly on the move. The main goal for Martin Kruczynski and his team in recent years has been the transition from paper to digital solutions. “We used to have network drives in our basement, and if you didn't have the VPN, you couldn’t do anything,” the CEO elaborates. Then came the installation of SharePoint, which allowed the digitization of the first processes. A software solution was also acquired: “We've been tinkering with it for years to get a solution. We tried various things, and nothing worked. We always paid for training and this and that. But then it turned out: digital work orders aren't possible with this solution, it's being discontinued. You have to start all over again.” Particularly, the option for digital work orders and time tracking were important for Martin Kruczynski and his team. The timekeeping for the floating staff in maintenance cleaning, who manage up to 40 different properties a month, used to take the site managers an extreme amount of time to input from paper slips. The software solution promised an extra tool for time recording and digital work orders, but it never materialized. On the contrary: “We need time tracking and work orders. They knew that. But the software couldn't do it and they sold us that thing anyway.”


However, Martin Kruczynski was quickly convinced by the intuitive process at PlanD. Everything from hiring employees to customer management to billing runs in one system. “We did that live on the phone. The process was super easy to understand and handle,” explains Martin Kruczynski. It was also important to him that one did not have to read through 100 pages to understand the functions: “Sometimes less is more. A little fewer features. But those work really well.” For starting with PlanD, he first implemented all the cleaners who do not have fixed cleaning sites or fill in when someone is sick. “They really hurt in the billing,” explains Martin Kruczynski. Now, he only does their scheduling in PlanD. Before, it was done with a calendar: “Each team had their own calendar. We planned the deployments there, and the employees saw on their mobile: now I have customer XY. The work order was in the drawer. And so on. Now we have it in PlanD.” With PlanD, employees see their deployments directly via the mobile app and can also easily record their times via the app. The worked hours are automatically and in real-time sent for approval to the office, immediately ready for billing: “We've already done the first partial billings with them. It worked really well,” the CEO is satisfied.

The invoicing model also impressed him. The quotation creation has already been completely switched over, so the quotes are now only written in PlanD. Later, Martin Kruczynski also wants to write all invoices in PlanD. “We still need cost centers. But we're in good exchange that that will come at the same time,” says the CEO. The response from the employees at Landsberg is very positive: “Especially the younger employees were delighted to receive it.” Of course, there were also some older employees who initially spoke negatively about everything. But they were quickly proved wrong. “We issued a service directive, where everything was documented. It stated: What do we have to do? Where does working time start? Which button do I press how? And then it worked for them too,” tells Martin Kruczynski. Another point was the direct exchange and support with PlanD, which Martin Kruczynski found positive: “When I say: This feature would be great to have, they immediately take it up and set it in motion. For example, we had a request for a filter. That's now being implemented.”


With PlanD, Martin Kruczynski now finally has a digital solution that allows his employees to create digital work orders and capture their working hours digitally. Because the working hours are directly stored in the system, billing can be handled much faster. Especially for the cleaners with changing locations and different activities, the CEO and his team save time and nerves: “I have much more time to also work on a project for an hour. It just wouldn't work otherwise.” Landsberg Building Services GmbH has grown significantly in recent years, but that's not supposed to be all. Thanks to PlanD, Martin Kruczynski can now devote more time to customer acquisition. After all the complexities with previous software solutions and Excel lists, he now finally has a software solution that not only covers the entire process in building cleaning but is also specifically tailored to it. “We are really satisfied with how it runs,” says the CEO, also pointing to his cleaners who work with the PlanD app every day: “Our employees are also satisfied. They now see their vacation times at a glance. How much remaining vacation do I have? That was something they had to come to the office for every time. For the employees, it's a really great tool.” Because, for Martin Kruczynski, his employees are the focus: “We want to make it as easy as possible for the people. Everything is complicated enough already. We don't need to make it more complicated at work than it has to be.”

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