How ProNordic was able to optimize its processes overnight with the help of PlanD.

"I got access and could start right away the next day. The implementation happened practically overnight."

Pascal Binckenstein

Owner & Managing Director


ProNordic Facility Management GmbH, known for its reliable building services, has experienced steady growth since its establishment in 2016. Led by managing director Pascal Binckenstein, the company has secured many prestigious clients such as the Nuremberg District Court and collaborates with organizations like the Workers' Welfare Association (AWO). However, as the number of clients and projects increased, it became clear that a solution was needed to simplify and accelerate internal processes. From scheduling assignments to managing orders, creating quotes, and invoicing, Pascal Binckenstein wanted software that could streamline all these processes into one system. Particularly, scheduling, which had been managed using Excel spreadsheets and email communication, proved to be a time-consuming and frustrating task. In search of a building service software, Pascal initially came across Hero's solution. However, he found that it couldn't adequately meet his requirements. Thus, he continued his search and eventually discovered PlanD's All-in-One software. He was particularly impressed by its scheduling capabilities, describing it as "simply outstanding." ProNordic has been using PlanD's software for two weeks now, and the implementation process is already complete, happening almost overnight.


ProNordic offers a wide range of services to its clients, from building cleaning and construction services to green and gray area cleaning, as well as traditional facility management. Additionally, they are the only company in their area to offer officially certified crime and death scene cleaning. To manage such a diverse range of services, Pascal Binckenstein needed flexible software. Therefore, due to the extensive range of services and functionalities, he chose PlanD. "We use almost all functions, from planning and scheduling to quotes and orders," he explains. Furthermore, the digital material lockers feature is a significant advantage, allowing him to manage materials specific to each object and order them with just a few clicks through the PlanD software. ProNordic also relies on PlanD for customer communication, utilizing the integrated ticketing system. This centralized system ensures that all customer inquiries are stored in one place, allowing Pascal to respond to them quickly, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Moreover, ProNordic recently began using PlanD for quote and invoice generation. Quotes are sent to interested customers via email, and they can accept them with a single click. Once accepted, the quote is automatically converted into an order. Pascal also has an overview of all orders, their profitability, daily revenue, and outstanding invoices in the revenue overview.


As an All-in-One facility management company, it was logical for ProNordic to opt for an All-in-One software solution. Despite having to downsize the team during the COVID-19 pandemic due to many sickness cases, Pascal Binckenstein is now planning to hire four additional employees due to the growing number of orders and the significant time savings provided by PlanD. After gaining initial experience with Hero's software, Pascal quickly turned his attention to PlanD's All-in-One solution. The rapid implementation overnight convinced him: "I got access and could start right away the next day," says Pascal Binckenstein. ProNordic now fully utilizes all of PlanD's features, enabling the company to continue growing. "PlanD has simplified our daily routine and taken our internal processes to the next level!" summarizes Pascal Binckenstein, adding, "I can wholeheartedly recommend it!"


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