How Schopp Gebäudereinigung redefines efficiency and transparency with PlanD.

"It all works flawlessly. And it's just fun to work with."

Danny Elz

Managing Director


Schopp Gebäudereinigung GmbH was founded over 40 years ago and has since become a traditional Berlin company. The team, led by CEO Danny Elz, provides traditional maintenance cleaning, but also offers facility management and janitorial services. The company serves as the interface between management and tenants. Danny Elz has been with the company since 2021: “At the beginning, when I started here, I went out and cleaned myself to understand the problems that the cleaners were facing,” says the CEO, who had previously worked for many years in staffing services. Now, he is responsible for everything related to operations and personnel, including project planning, management, coordination, and order acceptance. He does this in the office alongside the owner. In the traditional field service, Schopp currently employs 17 workers. At his previous positions, Danny Elz had already worked with Landwehr and proprietary planning tools. When he joined Schopp and saw that scheduling was handled with Excel sheets, it was clear that they needed to switch to a software solution. “I had to change an Excel sheet every time, which might work with static projects. But not as soon as you start adding special projects. Then it all goes downhill,” Danny Elz discusses the issues he faced initially. However, the first software solution Schopp chose was a disaster. There were ongoing problems and the software was very expensive. Danny Elz recalls that the GPS systems for the vehicles constantly failed and employees were regularly locked out of their accounts. “Then they couldn't see the planning at all. Couldn't select any orders. Sitting there for 17 people, releasing, releasing, releasing... You have to get into every order. It drives you crazy,” continues Danny Elz. Afterward, the owner came across the all-in-one software from PlanD. “You advertise for a reason that the software is specifically for building cleaners,” explains Danny Elz.


With PlanD, he doesn't have to manually release daily assignments because they are automatically set up. “It works much more precisely for building service providers,” says Danny Elz. He generates the working hours of his cleaners directly for payroll accounting from PlanD, which significantly eases the accounting process for him: “I do this exclusively through this app and don't allow anything else.” The cleaners can easily record their working hours on-site using the PlanD employee app. The times are then automatically transmitted to Danny Elz and the office transparently. “Start, break, end, done. It doesn't get any simpler,” explains Danny Elz the functionality of the digital time tracking. This allows him to evaluate the hours faster and draw conclusions for the assignments. His employees also quickly realized that PlanD significantly simplifies their work. “They then also saw that at the end of the month the hours were captured much more accurately and they don’t have to sit down and write time sheets. Then it got lost, they made a mistake, or whatever,” continues Danny Elz, saying: “It's just simple. In the end, I press the button at the end of the month and have the hours.” PlanD is always open for Danny Elz. This way he always sees: Is the planning going as planned or is there an issue somewhere? Is someone not checking in somewhere? And if someone is at the wrong site or hasn’t started the job yet, he can immediately inquire: “With PlanD, the first thought isn’t: Shit, shit, I have to be here, but I have to do that order and I have to send them a message quickly, but everything is under control.” He can also store the service catalogs behind the objects in the PlanD app, so that they are permanently displayed and everyone is always informed. Danny Elz and his team also use the material management. The cleaners on-site generate material orders that then go directly to the purchaser, who then takes care of distributing everything properly. “It was a big task initially. But as always, you sit down once, do it properly, and then you just have your peace,” explains Danny Elz. It's the same with creating orders and customers in PlanD. Sit down once, invest time, and you have a central, clear system that simply saves time and nerves.


Danny Elz and Schopp Gebäudereinigung are completely satisfied with PlanD: “Everything works flawlessly. And it's just fun to work with it.” The implementation was also fast and smooth, as the system is relatively easy to handle and self-explanatory according to the CEO. Thanks to PlanD, the days of unclear Excel sheets and paper chaos are a thing of the past for Danny Elz. From scheduling to digital time recording to payroll; Danny Elz works exclusively with the PlanD app: “I don't use anything else anymore because it's just simple.” With PlanD, he and his team now have a central system that interlocks and simplifies all internal processes, making them more transparent for everyone.

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