How Temberger completes payroll for 170+ employees in half a day.

"We used to need 10 days for payroll. Today it's half a day. I really wonder how I did it all before PlanD."

Ismail Aygül

Owner & Managing Director


Gebäudereinigung Temberger was founded in 2014 as a one-man operation by CEO Ismail Aygül. Since then, the company has grown rapidly and has established itself as a highly professional and modern building cleaning service in the Tübingen area. Ismail Aygül now employs about 170 staff and serves approximately 1,000 clients. In addition to maintenance cleaning, Temberger offers basic, window, and special cleanings. The city of Tübingen provides Temberger with new orders daily, which need to be processed quickly and efficiently. For Ismail Aygül, this means that good planning and quick communication are essential. For about a year, the building cleaning software PlanD has been helping him: “I really wonder how I managed everything before PlanD. It was chaotic to the extreme,” says Ismail Aygül.

Ismail Aygül had been searching for a suitable solution for many years before discovering PlanD on Instagram: “Based on my previous experiences, I was initially skeptical, but PlanD met all my expectations and desires for a building cleaner software.” Before that, Ismail Aygül's employees used to track their hours with paper and pen and sent them to him via WhatsApp. This often led to erroneous time records, late submissions of timesheets, and complications with payroll. “We tried to work with other programs before PlanD,” explains Ismail Aygül. However, they never met his expectations. There were always issues with recording break times or linking objects and service catalogs.


That's all in the past now. Thanks to the all-in-one software solution from PlanD, all objects are maintained in one system along with service catalogs. This allows Ismail Aygül to immediately see which employees have cleaned which objects, who has available capacities, and he can assign orders via the PlanD app with all necessary information. Vacation planning at Temberger is now also exclusively managed through PlanD: “Through the PlanD app, employees can easily submit vacation requests and I can immediately see: What is the order situation in that period? Can we afford it?” Because when Ismail has to start making calls among 160 employees, it's easy to lose track.

When customs officials visited Temberger a few months ago, Ismail Aygül braced himself for a long inspection. “You know how customs can be,” says Ismail Aygül. However, when he showed them PlanD and the work hours of the employees perfectly matched the hours on the payroll, they were impressed. “They were so fascinated that they said: Okay, send us the files of the last three months and then it’s fine,” recalls the CEO of Temberger. With PlanD, Ismail Aygül can also specify what type of cleaning is being done for each order. Not just maintenance cleanings, but also basic or special cleanings. The hourly rate and tariff are automatically adjusted. “The customs officers were gone after half an hour,” says a relieved Ismail Aygül.

After time tracking, the recorded work hours are automatically prepared for payroll. “We print the hours for customs and send them to our accounting department. That’s it. This way we can see at a glance: What does our employee earn and what do we charge the customer.” In case of complaints, customers receive a QR code that they can scan to describe the problem. Ismail Aygül receives the complaint as the site manager automatically on his mobile phone and can forward it to his employees. When the responsible employee has addressed the complaint, the status switches from red to green and the customers are automatically notified. “This way, as the CEO, I always have control and can see at a glance which complaints are still open and need to be addressed.”


Thanks to the introduction of PlanD, Ismail Aygül has significantly simplified and optimized his work at Gebäudereinigung Temberger. He has all orders under control and can respond even faster to the needs of his customers. Through digital time tracking and transparent overview of his employees' work, he can produce payroll much faster and more accurately. “It used to take us 10 days to do payroll. Today, it’s half a day,” says Ismail Aygül.

The app has also helped Ismail Aygül and his employees work more efficiently and drastically reduce complaints. Employees record their working hours more accurately and can quickly add tasks related to specific objects that are precisely completed and billed. This saves many site visits. “These are all costs we save. We no longer calculate on a lump sum basis where we tally up pluses and minuses, but bill precisely for the hours worked thanks to the app’s time tracking.”

Additionally, the simple and intuitive operation of the app has convinced Ismail Aygül: “I always say: If you can use WhatsApp, you can use PlanD.” Introducing the app to his employees was no problem, explains Ismail Aygül. “You have your app. You have four tabs at the bottom, you always have the same functions. You click on your calendar. The app is set to your language. You click on your object and click on Play to start time tracking. If you want to take a break, you press Pause. When you're done with the work, you press end. And we have your perfect time tracking.” And it's even customs-proof.

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