How the Goldener Elch abolished timesheets for 150+ employees.

"Thanks to the playful and clear app application and the digital timesheets, my employees have full transparency at all times and always have an overview of their working hours."

Alexander Schleiss

Operations Manager


Der Goldene Elch is a building cleaning company whose cleaning staff are constantly traveling from one site to another. Keeping track of every employee, planning the ideal staff member for each shift, and accurately recording work hours is not always easy. Especially with paper time sheets and Excel-based schedules, errors frequently creep in. Moreover, both processes are extremely time-consuming.

When Alexander Schleiss came across PlanD's software two years ago, the possibilities for digitizing time sheets and schedules immediately caught his eye. “Having to manually type out time sheets every day cost us valuable working hours that we could have spent on customer acquisition or service.” This was compounded by the labor-intensive personnel scheduling with Excel, which had to be sent separately via message to each cleaning staff.


The user-friendly all-in-one software solution from PlanD effortlessly digitizes all these processes in just one system. Time sheets and schedules can be created digitally and shared with all employees with just one click. The cleaning staff can easily record their working hours on-site via the app and view them transparently at any time. “Finally, an app that my employees like and that also offers them added value,” Alexander Schleiss is delighted.

With PlanD's intelligent scheduler, Der Goldene Elch can now always plan the ideal employee for each job based on their qualifications and availability. All employees are registered in the PlanD system, and staff can access their schedules on the go via the app from anywhere.


Thanks to PlanD, Der Goldene Elch now saves over 30% of time on scheduling and time tracking. Paper time sheets and the manual typing of work hours are now a thing of the past. PlanD provides Der Goldene Elch with a platform where all administration and planning can be handled. All information and data are accessible at any time, schedules can be created digitally and retrieved from anywhere.

With the time savings, Der Goldene Elch can now focus more on what's essential, generate new customers, and offer even better service. The employees are also more satisfied: “Thanks to the playful and clear app usage and the digital time sheets, my employees have full transparency and always keep track of their working hours,” says Alexander Schleiss.

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